At GRMC’s Birthing Center, specially-qualified nursing staff provide excellent medical care and emotional support during labor, birth, and postpartum stay. The care received in our Birthing Center is rates consistently very high for patient satisfaction. Miracles of Motherhood (MOM) Prepared Childbirth and Breastfeeding classes are offered to help expectant mothers and coaches prepare for labor and birth. More than 700 babies and their moms receive expert medical care and emotional support annually at GRMC’s Birthing Center. The recently opened new department includes:

  • •7 maternity labor and delivery rooms
  • •2 separate C-section operating suites
  • •12 well-appointed private rooms in a beautiful, first-class setting
  • •12-bed Level I Nursery equipped with the latest technology to care for newborns.
  • •State-of-the-art radiant infant warmers and monitoring equipment
  • •A secure unit for infant safety
  • •A large-screen viewing system in the nurses’ station to allow monitoring of fetal heart tones.

The features of the Birthing Center allow physicians and staff members to provide quality care to mother and babies. Patients are cared for in an ideal setting. They receive exceptional maternity care in an environment that feels comforting, private and accommodates the desires of the parents during the birthing experience. The team of professionals is supported by outstanding anesthesia providers, a highly-skilled nursing department and ancillary services that ensure that mothers and babies receive complete, compassionate care.

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