Maternal Fetal Medicine (MFM)

A Perinatologist, or maternal-fetal medicine specialist, can help guide high-risk obstetrical patients through a high risk pregnancy.

In an effort to make sure GRMC provides the most advanced and sophisticated level of care to you and your baby, we have partnered with the University Health System in San Antonio to allow our moms and babies access to maternal fetal medicine specialists – at GRMC.

Through the latest diagnostic testing and outpatient services, these MFM specialists will include:

  • Advanced Ultrasound/Prenatal Diagnosis
  • Counseling
  • First trimester screening
  • Amniocentesis (genetic testing)
  • Management of medical complications in pregnancy

MFM specialists are available Wednesday mornings. Appointments can be arranged by contacting your OBGYN (Obstetrician Gynecologist) physician or by calling GRMC Imaging at 830.401.7745.

Meet our MFM Doctors