GRMC's 50th Anniversary: Meet Sarah and Dorothea

GRMC's 50th Anniversary: Meet Sarah and Dorothea

“A Dream That Came True”
Originally published in the Rocky Mountain Empire Magazine
October, 1947
Written by Eddie Cope

“Army Nurse Lieut. Sarah Hazard served at Ledo in the upper Assam valley, on the hot, sticky, disease-ridden Burma road into bloackaded China.

Lieut. Dorothea Siepmann was assigned to the 158th General Hospital at Salisbury, England, which got the first load of wounded from the Normandy beaches. The stream of hastily bandaged G.I’s kept flowing until the German capitulation.

When the girls weren’t too weary from their endless battle against death and pain and fear and the misery of torn bodies, they would write to each other and dream of peace and the day, perhaps, when they could have their own hospital.

For nurses, like reporters and clerks and every other type of employee, dream of owning an enterprise of their own and running it just the way they want.

Strangely enough that dream has become a reality for the two nurses. Today they are the owners and operators of a modern 22 bed hospital in Seguin, a Central Texas town of 7000. There hospital is the only one in Guadalupe County (population 26,000) of which Seguin is the seat.

The purchase price was $26,000, astronomical in terms of the money a nurse can put away from her meager salary. That’s where the Veterans Administration and the Reconstruction Finance Corporation stepped in.”

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