Summer Health Tips: Diabetes

David Rider MD

David Rider, MD
Primary Care Physician

Diabetes is a silent disease at first but if you don’t know you have it and do nothing about it, it can seriously ruin your body and your life.

If you have diabetes, your body can’t control the level of sugar in your blood and tissues. And the sugar does permanent damage to your heart, blood vessels and nerves.

Adults with diabetes should avoid all sugary foods, and foods that our bodies quickly turn into sugar. In case you didn’t know, that’s your bread, tortillas, cereal and potatoes, my friends.

Usually the first sign you have diabetes is that you get thirsty and urinate a lot. Other early signs are nighttime muscle cramps, excess hunger and associated weight gain, and fatigue and sexual dysfunction.

Late signs are blurred vision, poor healing of little wounds, and tingling or burning of your feet and legs.

There’s a lot you and your doctor can do if you develop diabetes and a lot you can do to prevent it.