Summer Health Tips: Outdoor Fitness, Part I

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Joseph Schuerger, M.D.
Primary Care Physician


If I told you I had a medication that would increase your life span, improve your mood, promote weight loss, clean your arteries, improve your sleep, boost your energy level, strengthen your bones and give you an overall sense of well being, and you only had to take it once a day. And it’s free…

It really is free. And you possess what you need in order to take advantage of this miracle drug. It’s exercise.

I’m not talking about an hour a day — just 15 to 30 minutes, three to four days a week, will produce noticeable differences and allow you to reap the benefits. The good news for all of us listening right now is that we live in beautiful South Texas and have a ton of opportunities for outdoor fitness all year long — from hiking and bike riding, to swimming, kayaking or simply walking.

We can begin the transformation that will help your overall health and well being more than any medication I will ever write for you.