Summer Health Tips: Outdoor Fitness, Part II

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Joseph Schuerger, M.D.
Primary Care Physician


There’s some important things to remember when exercising outdoors. No. 1: Always wear your sunscreen.

We are definitely seeing an increase in the most dangerous type of skin cancer compared to 20 years ago. And sunscreen goes a long way in helping to reduce¬†your risk. Always choose a broad-spectrum sunscreen and remember — reapply every few hours if you plan on spending several hours outside.

Always wear the appropriate safety gear, especially helmets if you are bike riding.

Exercise in the early morning, early afternoon and not in the midday heat. You’ll decrease your sun exposure, and this will avoid such things as heat exhaustion.

Stay hydrated. Always carry water with you and take frequent sips — and not gulps. The goal is to maintain your hydration and drink before you get thirsty. Once you’re thirsty, your body is letting you know it’s already a little dehydrated.

Take a partner with you. This will help keep you accountable and motivated, and also provide a wing man in case you were to get injured and need help.

Have fun. Nobody looks forward to a workout that is boring. Change up your exercise routine regularly to ensure you look forward to working out. Pretty soon, exercise won’t seem like a chore. It will be something you look forward to.