Childbirth Classes

A great way to prepare for labor and birth, this class provides you with a forum to ask questions and learn about key issues surrounding your baby's birth. Some information you will learn from our birthing class includes:

  • Healthy pregnancy developments
  • Making pregnancy, labor, and delivery more comfortable
  • Breathing and relaxation techniques
  • Signs you are in labor
  • Pain coping techniques
  • Expectations for labor and delivery
  • The labor partner/coaching role
Prepared Childbirth Class Schedule
August 8-9 • 6-8:30pm
September 5-6 • 6-8:30pm
October 3-4 • 6-8pm
November 5-6 • 6-8:30pm
December 5-6 • 6-8:30pm

Breastfeeding Classes

A breastfeeding class at Guadalupe Regional Medical Center is a great way to learn and prepare to breastfeed your newborn. Breastfeeding classes will give new or pregnant moms an opportunity to ask questions and voice concerns regarding breastfeeding. These classes are available before and after delivery. Call (830) 401-7530 for more information

Expectant mothers, new mommies and any other members of the support team are encouraged to attend since support is important with breastfeeding success. Learn:

  • Breastfeeding basics — benefits, making breast milk (transitions, production cycle, etc.) and special situations
  • Latching on/positioning what effective and ineffective latch looks like and feeding in the first weeks
  • Feedings — when, hunger signs, feeding guidelines, tummy size, and feeding a sleepy baby
  • How much is enough, satiety sings, and when to call your doctor
  • Breast care (engorgement, nipple care, etc.)
  • Breastfeeding lifestyle — taking care of yourself, proper time to introduce bottles and pacifiers if applicable, returning to work, expressing milk, milk storage guidelines, and where to find support
Breastfeeding Class Schedule
August 15 • 6-8pm
September 19 • 6-8pm
October 10 • 6-8pm
November 14 • 6-8pm
December 12 • 6-8pm

Lactation Services

The Birthing Center at GRMC wants to ensure that your baby gets the best start in life. GRMC's Lactation Consultant, Shawna Baker, BS, IBCLC, RLC, CLC supports families through the breastfeeding process with helpful education and professional advices.

Certified through the International Board of Lactation Consultant Examiners (IBCLC) and having earned a Bachelor of Science in Dietetics from Texas State University in San Marcos, Shawna educates on breastfeeding and its healthy benefits for mommy and baby.  Shawna Baker has been a Certified Lactation counselor (CLC) since 2007.

Lactation Services include:

  • Free inpatient consultations
  • Free outpatient consultations for GRMC babies (There is an additional fee for a non-GRMC delivery)
  • Follow-up calls to families delivering at GRMC
  • Special attention to intensive care babies and their families
  • Consultations for mothers returning to work
  • Assistance with special need situations (breastfeeding, multiples, etc.)
  • Educational materials and resources
  • Breastfeeding telephone assistance

Contact Shawna Baker • 830.401.6130