The Guadalupe Regional Wellness Center’s goal is to provide members with the knowledge and opportunity to achieve optimal quality of life.

Upon joining the Fitness Center, each member receives a health assessment and personal exercise prescription. The health assessment includes a medical history review, body measurements and a body composition analysis. Based on the assessment results, the member then receives an individualized exercise and fitness prescription, an orientation session with a personal trainer regarding the equipment in the fitness program, and a record for monitoring progress.

For a Membership Application and Health History Questionnaire, click here:

  • Individual & Family Membership
  • Corporate Membership

We can tailor a membership program to fit your company's employee health benefit program. A minimum of five employees must participate.

Fitness Center Membership Fees


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Family of 2



Family of 3



Family of 4



*A family member is defined as a member of the immediate family, age 18 or older, living in the same household.