Are you or someone you love controlled by alcohol, drugs or prescription medications? If your answer is yes, we can help. At Guadalupe Regional Medical Center, we help people get turned around and headed in the right direction.

One-Eighty is a hospital-based, in-patient medical withdrawal stabilization service for people who have decided to take a 180° turn away from alcohol, opioids, and other drugs, including prescription medications.

We help people get turned around and headed in the right direction by caring for them through the process of the initial phase of recovery—medical withdrawal stabilization. Patients are treated medically and with professional support to effectively manage the symptoms of withdrawal while ensuring safety, comfort and confidentiality. The average length of stay is only three (3) days, and every patient leaves with a tailored discharge plan of follow up care to help maintain sobriety.

Those experiencing acute withdrawal symptoms can receive care in the safe environment of GRMC.

  • Admissions are voluntary
  • Average stay is three days
  • Covered by Medicaid, Medicare, and most insurance plans
  • Discharge plans for next steps and follow-up care
  • Open Monday – Friday, 8:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m.
  • All calls are confidential – 830.401.6180