Video Testimonials

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A new father’s joy…

Wade writes in on behalf of his family, especially his wife Morgan and new baby daughter Madison. Their experience at The Birthing Center went above and beyond his and his wife’s expectations. Wade was especially impressed by the attentive and nurturing care the nurses provided and the lengths the hospital went to keep their baby safe.

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A friend’s gratitude…

Diane’s friend experienced a cardiac event that required a several-day stay in the ICU. Diane was “eternally grateful” for the warm and caring staff at every level in the hospital – from the kind and gentle chaplain, the knowledgeable ICU physicians and nurses, to the welcoming people working in the cafeteria.

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A patient’s relief…

Jeanette was unexpectedly admitted into GRMC’s care and she expresses her relief at the level of details and explanations she received prior to every procedure during her stay. She further compliments particular members of the GRMC family and says that GRMC truly practices a “culture of caring.”

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A family’s appreciation…

Ira was a husband, father and grandfather that entered GRMC’s hospice care. This appreciative family writes in about the care and compassion exhibited as their beloved family member transitioned through his end-of-life-care. The family was touched by the gentle patience and attentive details they received while they said goodbye to their loved one.

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A surgical patient’s praise…

Don wasn’t certain that he broke his hip, but after Imaging Department confirmed his diagnosis, he prepared himself for surgery. Don expresses his praise for all the staff members he encountered on the surgical wing saying they were “considerate, efficient and attentive.” He goes on further, giving a glowing report about pre-and-post-op as well as his results.

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