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At GRMC, our Sexual Assault Nurse Examiners (SANEs) specializes in forensic training for the care and treatment of sexual assault, strangulation, human trafficking, domestic abuse and child abuse victims, while providing confidential comprehensive management and treatment for patients of all ages. The role of a SANE is to perform forensic examinations, collect evidence, as well as educate and counsel victims of sexual and physical violence. The SANE is essential in connecting the patient with resources to help them begin the healing process. Our SANE team is proud to provide trauma-informed care and support to Seguin, as well as the surrounding communities. While there is not 24/7 coverage of SANE services, the SANE team is willing to assist the patient in any way to facilitate services to meet their needs.

What to expect during the SANE exam:

  • A GRMC SANE will meet with the patient and explain all parts of the exam and answer any questions that they may have.
  • A consent form for the patient will be signed to continue examination.
  • A Victim Advocate (professionals trained to support survivors though the aftermath of the assault) will be present for support and services during any/all of the exam.
  • A Medical Forensic History, which is the patients’ recollection of events, will be obtained.  The exam and evidence collection will be based and directed by this information.
  • Complete head-to-toe physical exam and, if indicated, an ano-genital exam will be performed.
  • The SANE will document, photograph, take measurements and diagram all injuries related to the assault.
  • Sexual Assault DNA Evidence Collection as needed, based on history and timing of the assault.
  • Pregnancy and STD prophylaxis and/or treatment is provided when needed.
  • For treatment of physical or mental health emergencies, the GRMC emergency department will provide services.
  • Discharge instructions will be provided to the patient to facilitate their needs.


Meet the Team
Nicole Patek, MSN, RN, Executive Director of Emergency Services
Christie McGuire RN, CA/CP SANE
Vanessa Flores, BSN, RN, CA/CP SANE


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