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3D Mammogram

3D Digital Mammography at GRMC: Discover the Difference

Breast cancer is the most common cancer in women, and 3D mammography can improve early detection thanks to in-depth, multi-angle resolution that provides greater image detail for your physician.

That’s why GRMC’s state-of-the-art Women’s Imaging Center is thrilled to offer you wide-angle 3D breast tomosynthesis, mammogram technology that gives every woman, regardless of breast density, her best chance for an early and accurate diagnosis.

Early Detection Is Critical – Schedule Your Next Mammogram Today

The MAMMOMAT Revelation from Siemens Healthineers gives our team of women’s health clinical experts a valuable tool in the fight against cancer.

For questions or to schedule an exam, contact your physician or call 830.379.2411. Then keep reading to learn more below about how Guadalupe Regional Medical Center is taking your health and safety to the next level with wide-angle breast tomosynthesis.

3D Mammography: How it Works

A 3D mammogram is very similar to the 2D experience: the breast is compressed under a soft, cushioned paddle as images are taken. Yet True Breast Tomosynthesis takes diagnostic imaging a step further, enabling your technologist to take special X-ray images of each breast from many angles, providing a composite 3D rendering that isn’t available in a traditional mammogram.

The result is a clearer image that helps us look inside the breast, layer by layer, to find tumors that may not be properly defined on a standard 2D mammogram. Not only does this result in fewer follow-up exams to re-acquire the image, but the multiple angles and high-depth resolution help your physician spot abnormalities that might be hidden in a 2D view.

Advantages of a 3D Mammogram at GRMC

  • Fewer return appointments for additional testing
  • Designed with patient comfort in mind: The exam is tailored to each patient, with the system automatically stopping its movement as soon as optimal breast compression is achieved
  • Excellent image quality can provide improved results at the initial exam, helping your physician make a more confident and informed diagnosis regardless of breast size or tissue density
  • Helps reduce false positive findings
  • Improved imaging for dense breast tissue compared to a 2D mammogram (learn more about breast density below)
  • Thin layers of tissue are shown separately, providing better detection of abnormalities*
  • Suspicious lesions from traditional 2D images may be ruled out as benign
  • Aids patient safety by automatically selecting the lowest radiation dose for individual breast characteristics

*Compared to Full Field Digital Mammography (FFDM)

Tell your loved ones about 3D mammography at GRMC’s new Women’s Imaging Center, and schedule your own annual mammogram as soon as possible!

Why Early Detection is So Important…And How GRMC Can Help

Breast cancer does not necessarily present symptoms during its early stages, which is why many physicians recommend an annual screening in order to increase the chance of early detection, when the tumor may still be small and the risk of the cancer spreading remains low.

For women at average cancer risk, the American Cancer Society encourages women over the age of 45 to get a mammogram every year. At 55, that can be switched to every other year. But even at the age of 40, women who want a mammogram should be able to get a screening and be confident in the results.

That confidence is increased with GRMC’s MAMMOMAT Revelation, making 3D Mammography possible right here in Seguin.

Here’s what you need to know about Breast Density and how our Women’s Imaging Center can help.

What is dense breast tissue?

Dense breasts are composed of a greater degree of fibrous or glandular tissue and lower levels of fatty tissue. Every woman has a different level of breast density, and very dense breasts are very common. This density tends to decrease as women age, although it persists for some women without much change.

Physicians monitor breast density because dense breasts can be connected to a heightened risk of breast cancer. Screenings become even more important because dense tissue can actually hide tumors, especially in a standard 2D mammogram.

But 3D mammography at GRMC may be able to detect more cancers compared to a 2D mammogram. GRMC can provide the confidence you need that you’re doing everything you can to detect breast cancer early, in a way that’s comfortable, safe and accurate.

What to Know Before Your Exam

Ready to schedule an exam, or have a mammogram coming up? Here’s what you’ll need to know.

When Scheduling Your Mammogram:

  • Let your doctor know about any history of breast cancer in your family, as well as if you’ve experienced pain, discomfort or any other changes related to your breasts.
  • Some women’s breasts may be tender in the week leading up to their period. To avoid discomfort, we recommend scheduling for the week after your period if possible.
  • If there’s a possibility you might be pregnant, please let your doctor know prior to scheduling, as they may elect to skip the exam or provide special instructions in order to ensure safety.

How to Prep:

  • Avoid deodorant, talcum powder or lotion under your arms or on your breasts, as these can appear similar to calcium spots when viewed.
  • Wear comfortable clothing that you can easily change out of.
  • Obtain the results of any prior mammograms and provide these to the GRMC medical team prior to or upon arrival.

It’s Time to Prioritize Your Breast Health, and Our Team is Here to Help.

Call 830.401.7745 or ask your physician for a referral to the GRMC Women’s Imaging Center!

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