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Women’s Imaging Center

Womens' Imaging Center

The Women’s Imaging Center at Guadalupe Regional Medical Center provides a full range of comprehensive imaging services in one convenient location tailored to your needs.

Services include state-of-the-art 3D mammography, as well as traditional 2D mammography, image-guided breast biopsy, breast MRI, 3D ultrasound, and bone density scans to guide you through your healthcare journey. To schedule an appointment please call 830.401.7745.

Services provided at the Women’s Imaging Center at GRMC include:

State-of-the-art 3D and traditional 2D Mammography

At GRMC, we offer both 2D and 3D mammography. While most patients won’t notice a difference between the two, 2D mammography takes traditional images from the top, bottom, and side, while 3D mammography creates slices of images, similar to a CT scanner. While 2D mammography continues to be the standard of treatment for most women, some women may benefit from a 3D mammogram, including women with dense breasts. Because of the slices, 3D mammography can produce clearer images, which can reduce stressful callbacks for repeat screenings. Even more important, 3D mammography can increase the early detection of invasive cancer. Talk with your physician about whether a 2D or 3D mammogram is most appropriate for you.

Image-Guided Breast Biopsy

If your mammogram shows an area of concern, we offer ultrasound-guided or 3D mammography-guided biopsy. Using this advanced imaging allows your physician to accurately view the area of concern to ensure an adequate sample is obtained during the biopsy. This minimally-invasive procedure is performed by an interventional breast radiologist. The procedure uses digital imaging to pinpoint the exact location of the breast lesion from two different angles. This procedure is done with the utmost delicacy to minimize discomfort and precision to ensure a diagnosis.

Breast MRI

While not located inside the Women’s Imaging Center, GRMC is pleased to offer breast MRI. Breast MRI can be used as a supplemental tool to screening with mammography or ultrasound. It may be used to screen women at a high risk for breast cancer, evaluate the extent of cancer following a diagnosis, or further evaluate abnormalities seen on a mammogram.

3D Ultrasound

The Women’s Imaging Center offers 3D ultrasound services, including breast ultrasound and pelvic ultrasound to assist in diagnosing identified problems that can’t be seen using traditional x-ray equipment. This technology is used to get a clear picture of soft tissues, and can be helpful when diagnosing ovarian and uterine issues.

Diagnostic 3D breast ultrasound is used to evaluate symptoms which include breast lumps or pain, or when an area of concern has been identified on a diagnostic mammogram. Services provided include ultrasound-guided core needle biopsy, cyst aspiration, and fine needle aspiration. The Women’s Imaging Center staff works closely with the GRMC Pathology Department when performing procedures, such as aspirations, in order to retrieve enough samples to make a diagnosis. This convenient access to the department during these procedures is a unique aspect of the service.

Discover the Difference with 3D Mammo at GRMC

Bone Density Scan

Bone density scanning, also called DEXA or bone densitometry, is an enhanced form of x-ray that is used to measure bone loss. DEXA is today’s standard for measuring bone mineral density and is commonly used to diagnose osteoporosis. Watch the video below to learn more about a DEXA Scan:

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