Health & Wellness Tips

COVID-19 Vaccine: What You Need to Know

07 January 2021 | Health and Wellness

  Q: How will a vaccine prevent COVID-19? A: The coronavirus that causes COVID-19 has spikes of protein on each viral particle. These spikes help the viruses attach to cells […]

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Is that headache a migraine?

01 January 2021 | Health and Wellness

By some estimates, about 12 percent of Americans experience migraines. Could you be one of them? Migraines aren’t the same for all people. But that pounding in your head could […]

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Is COVID-19 bringing your teen down?

Living with the fear and restrictions of COVID-19 is enough to bring anyone down, but teens may be especially affected. They may be missing friends as well as major events […]

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Have a happy holiday—even with COVID-19

06 December 2020 | Health and Wellness

It’s the holidays, and COVID-19 is still a presence in the U.S. What does that mean for holiday celebrations? Some parties may need to be called off. Buffet-style office parties, […]

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Take extra care of your mental health

20 November 2020 | Health and Wellness

You’re preoccupied and having difficulty focusing. Your sleep isn’t great. And you aren’t eating as well as you know you should. You may be stressed out by COVID-19. It’s not […]

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Diabetes and COVID-19: What to do if you get sick

20 November 2020 | Diabetes, Health and Wellness

Severe illness from COVID-19 is more likely in people who have certain underlying medical conditions. One of these is type 2 diabetes. According to the Centers for Disease Control and […]

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How to handle quarantine fatigue

13 November 2020 | Health and Wellness

Social distancing is one of the most effective ways to slow the spread of the coronavirus. Staying apart has saved lives. But progress toward reopening can be slow and have […]

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How much do you know about the flu?

12 November 2020 | Health and Wellness

With flu season on the way, it’s a good time to learn about influenza and how to protect against it. Check out these questions and the answers that follow to […]

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It’s that time again! Get your flu shot.

06 November 2020 | Health and Wellness

If there’s one thing you can count on from year to year, it’s another flu season. You don’t want to get the flu—it’s a miserable experience. And you might not […]

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Coping tips for COVID-19 ‘long-haulers’

02 November 2020 | Health and Wellness

People who recover from COVID-19 typically feel like their old selves in two to six weeks. But for some, the road to recovery may be much longer than that. In […]

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Caring for your cloth face mask

16 October 2020 | Health and Wellness

Most of us are wearing a mask these days when we’re out and about. Along with social distancing, hand washing and other safety measures, masking up is one of the […]

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Get a shot, skip the flu

Ready or not, another flu season is here. If you dread the thought of getting sick—that’s no fun!—get the flu vaccine. Everyone 6 months and older needs to be vaccinated […]

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Flu shots are more important than ever this year

Flu season is coming soon. And since it seems likely that COVID-19 will still be spreading this fall and winter, the two pandemics may occur at the same time. That’s […]

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Behind the Masks: The Faces & Stories of GRMC’s Pandemic Responders

29 September 2020 | Health and Wellness

  The year 2020 will be remembered as a historic, damaging and sorrowful year across the planet due to the COVID-19 pandemic. This crisis also served to spotlight the courage, […]

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It’s Healthy Aging Month

01 September 2020 | Health and Wellness, Seniors

GRMC wants you to stay healthy at all stages of your life. Take a look at some of these helpful tips that will help you feel and look healthy, feel less stressed and stay mentally fit—no matter your age.

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Kids stuck at home? How to keep them busy

Families are doing their part to help stem the coronavirus outbreak by keeping children at home. But that doesn’t mean it’s an easy thing to do. It can be especially […]

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Stay connected when a loved one is hospitalized

24 June 2020 | Health and Wellness

In normal times, hospitals welcome visitors. Loved ones are powerful medicine for anyone who is ill or injured. But since COVID-19 is so highly contagious, many hospitals are discouraging visitors […]

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Eat well to keep your immune system strong

22 June 2020 | Health and Wellness

By now, chances are you know the advice on protecting yourself and others from the coronavirus: Keep your distance. Wear a mask. Wash your hands. And so on. But here’s […]

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What is Contact Tracing

22 June 2020 | Health and Wellness

Some people are getting anxious for the country to reopen. They want to get back to work. They want to go out to restaurants and basically return to their normal […]

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Even during COVID-19, don’t skip your child’s shots

08 June 2020 | Health and Wellness

Families are focused on staying healthy during the pandemic. And that’s the right thing to do. But health experts have an important reminder for parents. COVID-19 prevention shouldn’t mean skipping […]

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