Health & Wellness Tips

It’s Healthy Aging Month

01 September 2020 | Health and Wellness, Seniors

GRMC wants you to stay healthy at all stages of your life. Take a look at some of these helpful tips that will help you feel and look healthy, feel less stressed and stay mentally fit—no matter your age.

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Eat well to keep your immune system strong

22 June 2020 | Health and Wellness

By now, chances are you know the advice on protecting yourself and others from the coronavirus: Keep your distance. Wear a mask. Wash your hands. And so on. But here’s […]

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What is Contact Tracing

22 June 2020 | Health and Wellness

Some people are getting anxious for the country to reopen. They want to get back to work. They want to go out to restaurants and basically return to their normal […]

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Even during COVID-19, don’t skip your child’s shots

08 June 2020 | Health and Wellness

Families are focused on staying healthy during the pandemic. And that’s the right thing to do. But health experts have an important reminder for parents. COVID-19 prevention shouldn’t mean skipping […]

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Your Life is on the Line: Who’s in Charge?

21 February 2020 | Health and Wellness

  The most important decisions of your life are ahead of you and most likely you will not be able to speak for yourself. Taking charge of these critical moments […]

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Healthy Weight Week

To keep Healthy Weight Week going all year long, we wanted to share all of 15 tips that contribute to a healthy lifestyle.  Infographic Credit:

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Healthy Weight Week Tips

05 December 2019 | Health and Wellness

It’s time to celebrate the New Year, the new you and a healthy weight. January celebrates Healthy Weight Week, which focuses on making wellness a lifestyle by consuming nutritious foods, […]

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Pharmacists Help Make Your Medications Work

18 September 2019 | Health and Wellness

Although medicine can make you well, it also can harm you if it is not taken the right way. That’s why you need to know all you can about all […]

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World-Class Specialties

19 July 2019 | Health and Wellness

Nephrology Services Our board-certified and highly trained Nephrologists have vast knowledge of normal kidney function and kidney disease, hypertension, as well as the preservation of kidney health, from diet and […]

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The Warning Signs Of A Cardiac Event

07 February 2019 | Health and Wellness, Healthy Heart

Cardiovascular disease is the No. 1 killer of Americans, causing 1 in 3 deaths each year. Whether it’s a heart attack, stroke or cardiac arrest, it’s important to know the […]

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Don’t Hit Snooze on Your Health

03 May 2019 | Health and Wellness, Sleep

  A good night’s sleep, just like a healthy diet and exercise, is essential to your mental, emotional and physical well-being. Yet many people do not get the 7 to […]

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Spring into Action

25 April 2019 | Health and Wellness

  The flowers are blooming, and the birds are singing. And suddenly, you feel more energetic than you have in months. It’s official: Spring has sprung. For many of us, […]

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A Partnership For Good Health

17 May 2017 | Health and Wellness

Why a Good Relationship with a Primary Care Physician is a Must After years of specialized medical training, your doctor is an expert on the human body. He or she knows how it […]

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What is a Family Doctor?

12 June 2018 | Health and Wellness

  If you’re looking for a doctor who can take care of your entire family—from your newborn to your aging parents—then you just might want a type of doctor whose specialty […]

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National Safety Month – Driving

01 June 2018 | Health and Wellness

We all believe ourselves to be safe drivers, yet up to 94 percent of motor vehicle crashes involve human error. Follow these tips to help stay safe on the roads.

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National Safety Month – Preventing Falls

31 May 2018 | Health and Wellness

We may not consider slipping at home or tripping on the sidewalk to be serious risks, but they can be deadly. Falls are the third leading cause of unintentional-injury-related deaths for all ages and the number one cause of death for those 65 and older, according to

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National Safety Month – Your Wellness

31 May 2018 | Health and Wellness

We ask a lot of ourselves each day, and over time this can put a strain on our own wellness. Try these tips to help improve your wellness at every stage of life. Tipsheet originally published by the National Safety Council.

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National Safety Month – Emergency Plan

30 May 2018 | Health and Wellness

Emergency situations can happen at any time, it’s crucial that you are prepared for the unexpected long before it happens. Thanks to the National Safety Council for this tip sheet.

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7 Ways to Make the Most of Your Doctor Visits

11 June 2018 | Health and Wellness

  Some of life’s most important moments take place in a doctor’s office. That’s because your checkups and other appointments with your provider are a time to focus on your […]

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Anxiety: Tips to tame your feelings

27 March 2018 | Health and Wellness

  Feeling anxious and stressed? You’re not alone. Feelings of anxiety are on the rise for many Americans. Here are some strategies that may help you cope when you feel […]

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