12 Things You Should Know About Professional Counselors

  1. They have a master’s or doctoral degree in counseling
  2. They emphasize multicultural competence and respect for diverse worldviews
  3. They focus on wellness, career development, an client empowerment – a proactive approach to mental health
  4. They encourage people to be genuine and to work to find their own authentic self, even if that authentic self is somewhat different from dominant cultural norms
  5. They assist with issues caused by typical life stressors, such as grief and loss, relationship problems, and developmental challenges throughout the lifespan
  6. They can diagnose and/or treat mental disorders
  7. They are often trained in reacting to disasters – those created by individuals and nature
  8. They serve as a front line resource in schools, as the eyes and ears for early signs of emotional distress caused by bullying, harassment, and other forms of abuse and trauma
  9. They play an important role on college campuses, as the number of students visiting counseling centers is steadily increasing
  10. They work with military veterans to help them with depression, PTSD, the transition back into civilian life, and more
  11. They abide by the American Counseling Association’s Code of Ethics
  12. They are passionate, diverse, and committed to helping people from all walks of life and all depths of despair to survive and thrive in today’s world

Information from the American Counseling Association