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Indoor Activities for Hot Summer Days

June 6, 2023
3 minutes

The weather is finally warmer. But now it’s kind of gone overboard, and the novelty of all-day outdoor summer activities has worn off. We’ve got indoor play activities that will get your child moving, experimenting and creating in the cool comfort of your living room, kitchen or playroom.

Laugh out loud. Stage a little comedy show in your living room.

Create a cool collage. Spend the day drawing summer pictures. Your little artist can create portraits of the family at the beach, draw the swimming pool, or recreate what they see just by looking out the window.

Have a dance party. Pick a few summer-themed tunes and dance, dance, dance.

Play store. Set up shop in just in no time at all and play grocery store.

Play a round of “Would you rather?” Would you rather have a pet monkey or a pet porcupine? Inquiring minds want to know! Ask your mini-me to answer this and other thought-provoking pairings when you play a few rounds of Would You Rather.

Draw a shadow. Set up toys, place books on their short sides, or use any other item that casts a shadow. Place the objects on a piece of light-colored paper and shine a flashlight on it. Your kiddo can draw the shadow. Now move the light, pretending that it’s the sun. Draw the new shadows to see how the sun’s rays change as the day goes on.

Read together.

Write a story.

Sing a song. Choose a favorite family song and sing as a group.

Make popsicles! Everyone loves to cool off in the summer with a delicious frozen treat, so why not make them yourself?

Have an indoor picnic. When the weather gets too hot, that doesn’t mean your summer day is ruined; just move the party indoors! Lay out a blanket and have a picnic in your living room.

Play animal charades. Can your kid waddle like a penguin? Or maybe hop like a bunny? This twist on the classic game of charades can be as easy or as hard as you want. All you have to do is write down a bunch of animals on cards or paper, and have everyone take turns picking a card and acting out the animal.

Connect the dots. All you need is paper and a pen to make a large-scale dot grid. Then, you and your mini-me take turns connecting one dot to the next, trying to complete squares. When you do, don’t forget to claim your property with a big fat initial smack dab in the middle of the box.

Pick a card.

Freeze water and oil. What happens when you mix oil and water? Make a few regular ice cubes and a few with oil. Add drops of food coloring in before popping the cubes in the freezer. Take them out (after they’re completely frozen), put them onto a piece of paper and watch what happens as they melt.

Sponge print fun. Take the stack of unused kitchen sponges and put them to use. Cut the sponges into shapes, dip them into washable paint and let your little one paint the day away. They can sponge paint print a pattern, make abstract art or put the shapes together to make a picture, such as a tree or a house.

Ice-capades. Freeze colored water in ice cube trays and then let the kids paint with their slowly melting watercolors.

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