Summer fitness begins and ends with your health



Summer is here. In addition to determining your vacation plans, schedule a fitness routine into your summer too.

Yes, we know it’s hot outside, and we have an answer for that. Join us at the GRMC Wellness Center to put the cool factor into your workout routine. See our Aquatics Schedule and Group Fitness Schedule.

In addition, the Wellness Center is celebrating the grand opening of its Parisi Speed School at GRMC on Saturday, June 11. Boys and girls ages 7 and older are invited to join us for free classes at 10 a.m., 11 a.m. and noon that day.

One of our goals at the Wellness Center is to help you meet a manageable and healthy lifestyle, no matter at what level of fitness you are. We offer a first-class gym, fitness and health-related classes, wellness initiatives and health education for you and our community members.

We all have a new opportunity to be our greatest, healthiest and fittest selves, this summer and any time we want. Here are a few tips to get started:

– Establish a consistent day and time.

– Put this planned day and time on your calendar, daily list or wherever you keep track of the things you do.

– Get started! Today or tomorrow, at the latest. There is nothing like procrastination when it comes to derailing the best-laid plans. Get up and move right away!

For more information about our Wellness Center and the new Parisi Speed School at GRMC, call (830) 401-7676.