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Think you don’t like exercise?

Do you dislike exercise but wish you didn’t? Before you give up on getting active—and its many rewards—see if these tips help you find your affection for fitness.

Pick an easy exercise. Walking is super simple. And it’s really good for you. Take a 5- or 10-minute stroll to begin, and then gradually work your way up to longer jaunts. Walking for 30 minutes a day is great for heart health.

Exercise with an enthusiast. Go with someone who already exercises—and enjoys it. Watch out! Their passion for fitness may be contagious.

Stream your next workout. Short on time? Don’t want to leave your house or visit a gym? Exercise with a fitness video from a streaming service.

Don’t call it exercise. What you’re after is an active lifestyle—and fun and games count. Go window shopping. Play tennis. Ride bikes with your kids.

Cater to your inner social butterfly—or your lone wolf. If you like to mingle, consider taking a fitness class or walking with a group. If you’re shy, solo workouts may be more to your liking.

Challenge yourself. Whether that’s walking a little farther every week or finishing a 5K, your goal will help keep you going.

Spin it positively. If exercise seems more like drudgery than delight, try thinking of exercise as something you get to do—not something you have to do.

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