Endocrinology covers a vast scope of hormone-related diseases and endocrine disorders, including diabetes, various hormone disorders, hypo and hyperthyroidism, obesity, osteoporosis, and much more. Our goal is to work with you to explore the hormonal imbalances that may be affecting your health and properly diagnose and treat problems by helping restore the normal balance of hormones in the body.

The hormones in your body all have specific jobs to complete. There are up to 40 different hormones circulating in your blood at any time. Once released into the bloodstream, a hormone travels throughout the body until it reaches its specific destination(s) to perform its function.

When a hormone reaches its target, it tells that part of your body what work to do, when to do it and for how long. Hormones are involved in many different processes in the body, including:

  • Blood sugar control
  • Growth and development
  • Metabolism
  • Regulation of heart rate and blood pressure
  • Mood
  • And more

These functions are a balancing act. Too much or too little of one hormone can have an impact on the release of other hormones. If this hormonal imbalance occurs, some of your body’s systems will not work properly.

These imbalances can often be corrected by the body itself. Your body has built-in mechanisms to keep track of and respond to any changes in hormone levels to bring them back to normal and restore the balance.

Sometimes, however, this system goes wrong and there can be a problem that the body can’t fix itself. Our Endocrinologist is an expert in treating frequently complex and chronic conditions, which can involve several different systems within the body.

Diabetes Care
Diabetes is one of the most common conditions seen by Endocrinologists. Being diagnosed with diabetes is due to inadequate insulin hormone secreted by the pancreas leading to excess blood sugar that damages various organs. If you are having complications managing your diabetes, our team can help assist you regain control, no matter if it is low blood sugar problems, issues with your eyes, kidney or other organs, as well as seeking other wide-ranging treatments.