If your baby needs special care or treatment, our Neonatologist offers the high level care you are looking for. The Birthing Center at GRMC is equipped with advanced technology to care for your newborn. Our Neonatologist works closely with you in planning developmentally appropriate care based on your baby's needs.


Every baby born at Guadalupe Regional Medical Center receives high-level care in our comfortable, family-oriented Birthing Center. If your newborn needs special care or additional treatment immediately after birth, they will be cared for by our board-certified neonatologist right here at GRMC. Our neonatal physician is trained to treat a wide range of conditions that can affect newborns during their first few days of life. He also sees all newborns and families within 24 hours of delivery.

Specialist neonatal care at GRMC
GRMC’s neonatologist works closely with families to care for babies during labor and immediately after birth. If you know that your baby will need extra attention, you may meet with the neonatologist in advance to talk through the best course of care for you and your newborn.

Our neonatologist may also be present during labor and delivery. Some of the more common reasons you may see a neonatal doctor in the delivery room are:

  • If there are concerns about congenital anomalies or infections
  • If you are having twins or a multiple birth
  • If your baby is experiencing respiratory distress
  • If your baby is premature

Our neonatologist is also on call in case your newborn experiences any unexpected health issues. Babies who need extra attention may also be cared for in our nursery, where our neonatal physician and the Birthing Center team can monitor their health and provide the care they need.

Family-centered care for all babies
Our neonatal physician also offers a wide range of standard care and procedures for newborns and families. These include:

  • Breastfeeding support
  • Circumcision
  • Treatment for jaundice

If needed, our neonatologist will also meet with you at least once a day during your stay at GRMC, during which time you can discuss any concerns you might have as you welcome your new family member.

Partnerships with advanced pediatric care in the region
Some newborns may require more specialized treatment or an extended stay in hospital. In these instances, GRMC offers phone consultations with pediatric cardiologists and other pediatric specialists, as well as transfers to some of the most advanced NICUs in the region. Babies born at earlier than 34 weeks’ gestation are also transferred to a NICU immediately after birth, where they are cared for until you bring your new family member home.

A full spectrum of care
At GRMC, we offer comprehensive care for moms and babies. If you have a little one on the way, call 830.401.7530 to learn more about GRMC’s Birthing Center.